Time is a luxury that nobody can buy more of. You might be in a financial position very different from your neighbor, but both you and your neighbor will have the same amount of time to develop as people, learn things and make what you want to make for yourselves in life. When you want to learn or when you want to do something, time becomes a very important part of how you execute your plan or your task.

Coinmarket is a place on the internet that takes your time seriously. It takes it so seriously that the page has collected everything you need to do all that you want with cryptocurrencies. When you get on this page you can read about a currency that you like and you can follow that currency very easily while you follow other currencies. If you decide to buy something, or sell, you can also do that on this page. It is in other words a landing page that you can stay on. There is no need to go other places, unless you really want to take the time and deep dive into it.

Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency with a price development out of this world. It is so big that it has a market cap on close to 200 billion USD. That is a lot of money and impressive. The next cryptocurrency is around 9-10 times less in market cap. That shows you have big Bitcoin as a currency is. As Bitcoin is so big it is also a very good currency to trade in. If you want to put some time and effort into one currency, Bitcoin is it. It is easy to trade in because you can get out when you want to. There will always be a buyer ready to buy, but maybe not for the price you want. That said, you will at least find a buyer. Bitcoin has also been around the longest and is therefore the grandfather of all cryptocurrencies.

Buy Ethereum

Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that is very popular because it is the second biggest. It has a market cap of around 30 billion USD, which is not bad at all. The technology behind Ethereum is quite different and allows you to create your own currency and also your own ecosystem surrounding that currency. You can in a way set up a world where you can use your coin as the way to get by in this world. That is a fun way to spend your time. If you want to buy or sell Ethereum, go and check out Coinmarket for how to do that in a safe and secure: Coinmarket.no